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Why are you different to all the other websites selling art?

How does it all work?

How do you market my art?

I don’t think my art is good enough

How exactly does your pricing work?

Why do you charge what you do?

Why don’t you sell t-shirts and mugs?

What if I already have a website selling my original work?

What if I already sell prints of my work?

What if I sell all the prints of my limited edition?

Where do I start writing my artist bio?

Do you work with artists from anywhere in the world?

Do you ship worldwide?

What resolution do my images need to be?

How do I get high resolution images of my work?

How do I sign my prints?

What are your Terms & Conditions

Who owns the copyright of the image?

What’s your environmental policy?

Why do you give your profits to charity?

What paper do you use?

Do you offer sample prints?