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Let us introduce you to our SPOTLIGHT ARTIST OF THE WEEK- Fiona Jack Artist
Fiona is not only an artist, but a professional photographer. Her love of art started at an early age, copying comic strips and Betsy Clark cards with her pencil and paper!

I think you’ll agree that she’s come a long way from then, with her work being displayed and collected around the world. A lot of the inspiration for Fiona’s work, comes from her love of the sea, having spent many years on or around it, living in Antigua for 11 years, spending 6 years sailing and now living in Scotland!

Fiona’s memories from these times, are beautifully captured in many of her paintings.

We hope that you will enjoy our journey through some of Fiona’s work over the next few days. If you have any questions for Fiona, please leave them in the comments below.

To see more of Fiona’s work or other similar artists, please click here:

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