Angels & Ladybirds

I would love to fulfil my dream of making a living through my art.

For me, like most of us, life hasn’t turned out quite as I had imagined it would, but now It feels as if it’s time for me to transcend mundanity, to energise myself, and use my imagination to be creative and get my art out into the world!!

I work in inks and watercolours to create images that radiate energy and colour. 

I resonate with and am inspired by nature. I aspire to create work that brings an awareness that we are all connected through a divine intelligence.

I like to think that my work comes from another realm, I engage with the creative process to such a degree that I become lost in my work.   I often feel like it wasn’t me that produced the work but some other ethereal being

My work is lovingly produced and it is my hope that it is uplifting and invokes positive and happy emotionin the viewer. I like to be playful with my creative methods and it is important to me that the process is an enjoyable one - I sometimes pretend as if I’m engaging with an angelic realm,  I believe that we are all being guided, either by angelic or otherworldly beings or spirit universe.

I ask ‘them’ to reveal themselves to me and then relinquish control by using my right hand to draw the basic image (I’m naturally left-handed). My left hand is then used to add some imagination and colour to the character(s) who magically presented themselves to me. I aspire to provide a glimpse into the unseen, an exploration of ethereal dimensions and potential realities. 

I desire to convey my belief that life is much more than what we perceive with just our 5 senses.

My work is a representation of higher dimensions of consciousness. I love to draw using symmetry, creating energetic, geometric, mandala like patterns that convey the idea that life is a never-ending cycle. 

The geometric style gives a sense of mathematical precision, but being hand drawn, the images are far from perfect. I see them as reflection of life itself, how we are all perfectly imperfect in our own way. I endeavour to create uplifting images that although appearing abstract have a familiarity to them. 

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