Art has always been my passion, right from a child, so it’s not surprising I was trying out my mother’s oil paints when around 10 years of age, (having previously only used watercolours and graphic media) and sold my first painting at the age of 18 to my English tutor at college! It was of a winter tree in black impasto against a background of the negative shapes - the spaces in between the branches being the most important ones, so they were shown in varying shades of red.
I had my first one person art show in 1972, at Gallery "Arsa", in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I was living at the time and up until 1980 had held a total of 8 solo exhibitions in Greece.
A further 8 followed in the UK, including on in London, but then photography took over until relatively recently when encouraged by my long-term friend, Elli in Chios, I continued to paint there when visiting the country that to date has inspired me the most.
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