Danube Concept

1958 – Born in Novi Sad. 1976 – Completed the “Bogdan Suput” School of Art, Department of Architecture, Novi Sad. 1977 – Advanced training at the private school “Sergej Jovanovic” in Belgrade. 1977 – Advanced training at the studio of the sculptor Matija Vukovic, Belgrade.
1978 – Enrolled in the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. 1980 – Left for Paris where he specialised at the Centre Georges Pompidou. During the same period he also specialised individually. 1982 – Returned to Novi Sad and worked as an independent artist. 1984 – Becomes a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina.
1986 – Again goes to Paris, and then to Munich, for specialisation. 1990 – Te beginning of the NEW URBAN ENTITIES series. 1991 – Stayed in Munich and Novi Sad where he has a number of important exhibitions 2005 – Te beginning of the DANUBIAN CONCEPT cycle, author and founder To this day he works as a free artist.
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