David Cavanagh

David Cavanagh - Your Art Butler

David was born and raised in Skelmersdale in Lancashire and currently lives in south Manchester. With the peak district only a stone’s throw away, he is surrounded by great sources of inspiration for his art.

He has always had an interest in art and growing up spent most of his free time drawing portraits or painting.

Self-taught in his current style of painting, he was initially inspired to paint landscapes while working as a business development manager, where he spent most of his time driving across the UK. The impressive and dramatic vistas of the British Countryside, from the imposing dramatic clouds to the rolling hills were the biggest inspiration, and he sought to capture them in his own style.

He is heavily influenced by tonalism and naturalist landscape painters. He draws inspiration from the works of well-known artists like Constable, Turner and Claude Lorrian. He has a particular affection of American artist George Innes, the French artist Jules Breton and his most influential inspiration, Van Gogh. David seeks to replicate how these artists capture nature in such beautiful and dramatis colours and application.

David creates his art typically in Oils and his technique is essentially to find the landscape within the painting itself. When he starts a painting, while he has a vision, he doesn’t know exactly what he is going to achieve, all his paintings originate from the inspiration he gets observing through the countryside and he lets the painting form itself.

His technique starts by applying the colours to the canvas in blocks and he finds the shapes of the landscape within the painting naturally from more confident strokes. This approach allows the painting to represent nature more accurately, look more dramatic and less structured. David often takes the approach ‘the art of removing paint rather than applying it’.

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