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I am an Artist from the Far East (Philippines) and was born and raised there. My journey in Art started when I was 7 years of age, my Dad asked his artist friend to teach me some basics, because my parents wanted to channel my energy into art. I’m was so hyper at that age!

It turns out that when I learned the basics, I’m really good at it! Of course, coupled with my passion and hardwork and how I like to improve myself .I made a lot of unique, one of a kind masterpieces, that I’m really proud of and amazed by.

Acrylic is my main medium, I really love using it, especially with my techniques like impasto and acrylic pour painting. I really take pride in my art and I’ve won some competitions when I was younger and had some exhibitions.

I’m the type of artist that is totally passionate about what I do. If you can just see one of my painting in person, you will understand why. I get my inspiration and my subjects from nature, animals and human emotions.

I am really delighted that my Art is being appreciated and recognised..

Einstein I.David
45 years old
San Juan Nepo, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga 2003, Philippines
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