Jess Ridley Art

Jess Ridley is a Hampshire based artist and began drawing at the age of 2 on her parents walls. Since an early age Jess has been an extremely creative individual, pursuing a career in the performing arts whilst always maintaining a passion for drawing and continuously working on her skills.
She enjoys portraying images of things that have influenced her throughout her life and her portfolio of work acts as a biography for her changing interests and curiosities along her journey.
Her deep care and concern for our planet and the wildlife we are so close to losing has lead her to create many wildlife pieces. Alongside these she has recently been working on a collection of the great actors and musicians passed who have all influenced her career along the way and who hold a special place in the history of entertainment.
As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, improvement is always something Jess is striving for and she loves to see the progression of her work over time. She is always challenging herself and is excited to see where her artwork will lead her next.
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