OGRAPHY - JON S ING. British Artist Jon S Ing was born in Windsor but grew up in Oxford where he has lived for the majority of his life. In the early years Jon had traditional Art school training and went onto Art College. However, he was not able to pursue his artistic talents back then and specialised in classic cars.

He realised through time his real passion was the paint brush and feels nothing better than painting in his studio in Abingdon on Thames, Oxford where he can immerse himself in his world of music and painting.

CUBISM - Jon paints from the heart and his genre has two very distinct styles taking influences from Cubism and The New York School of Pop Art. Creating colour combinations in a cubist style, strong textures and geometric shapes epitomises the cubist era with influences evident from Cezanne in particular.

In Jon’s work we see the often the repetitive, exploratory brushstrokes highly characteristic of Cezanne, each section being a plane of colour and small brushstrokes build a complex field. The palette of colour whilst different from one another in each section come together in a uniform way pleasing the viewer to see the whole.

POP ART - Jon ‘s Pop art Painting is part of modern contemporary art culture and the so-called term ‘Action Painting ’made instantly recognisable by the work of American Artist Jackson Pollock.

Interestingly Pollock’s early work reflects influences from Cubist Artist Picasso and so it is easy to see why Jon’s Style has developed in this way. In 1947 Pollock created his drip style with the use of knives, trowels or any implement to splatter paint onto the canvas.   

The technique also afforded the artist to literally pour the paint onto the canvas and the paint would be worked wet on wet sometimes whilst in other areas the paint would be allowed to dry.

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