Natasha Giles

I am a meditative artist and call my method ‘Spirit Painting’. I work in trance state by combining rhythm, meditation and art. My goal is maintaining pure flow to tackle lifelong mental restrictions. Works are abstract, expressionist and through this intuitive method I access my subconscious to express emotions by visual means.
My chosen medium being ink and liquid watercolour, I experiment with tools and textures. I allow marks and colour to speak for me as a test in trust: the fluidity helps to remove any blockage in that process of – literally – letting the subconscious appear on the surface.
I was an imaginative and artistic child that never questioned pursuing a creative career; I enrolled on a graphic design course at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (now BCU) aged 16, followed by a BA (HONS) in Visual Communication. I have been a freelance graphic designer since 2003. Over recent years I found a pressing desire to step away from computers.
It began in 2009 when I rediscovered a childhood passion for writing, then took up learning drums in 2013, followed by courses in ceramics and wheelwork. I returned to painting in April 2019 and unlocked what I felt was my true life purpose as an artist – promptly deciding to follow my heart and source a new career.
I have been in the West Midlands all my life. I love the outdoors, nature, drumming, and exploring many weird, random interests.
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