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I am a painter, sculptor and installation artist from the Northwest. I’m married, with four children aged from 12 years to 20 years. I have spent most of my career working in education. I specifically worked with children who had mental health and behavioural issues. I left my job to become a mature student and study Fine Art at UCLan.

I enjoyed my BA Hons in Fine Art so much I went on to study a Master’s degree. I am currently in my first year and loving it. Some of the questions I’m trying to address in my work are about how immersive art can provide a starting point to talk about mental health and how this could give people an everyday, brief respite. 

What do you imagine your Utopia to look like?

Imagine an abstract world, a micro Utopia that you have created-a window to another world. Can you create another world through art?

If you could escape, even briefly from your everyday lives, where would you escape to?

I have created my own imaginary worlds through painting. I create my own Utopias, where I would like to be. Flowers, fields, meadows, gardens, sunshine, bright colours all make me feel happy. I like to think visual imagery can have an impact on mental health.

My paintings are all oil and mixed media, usually a large scale.


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