Tiia Buckman

Jiia Buckman - Your Art Butler

I'm Tiia Buckman - Tiia Bee for short, as in my signatures - a self-taught artist from Finland. My special skills include realistic portrait drawings and keeping my hands steady despite a constant coffee intake and poor sleeping schedule.

I was born and raised in the smallest imaginable village in the wooded backend of central Finland, where I spent my childhood scrambling through forests and thickets on sunny days and revelling in books, movies and video games on rainy days. I was a geeky child who obsessed over stories and heroes and adventures, and I grew up to be a geeky grown-up obsessing over the very same things, just with a bit more variety. Probably no surprise that my art is almost completely inspired by popular culture characters and their stories.

I've been drawing as long as I can remember but considered it a mere pastime and a remedy for chronically restless hands well until my adult years, when I began developing my skills more consistently.

My customary weapon of choice is graphite pencils, combined with charcoal and sometimes ink, and with those, my expertise definitely lies in observational drawing and realistic portraiture. However, behind the realism and the layers of charcoal is an incurable multitasker who keeps bouncing from realism to semi realism to down-right comics, from portraits to illustrations to tattoo designs, from traditional to digital to graphic design, and and and... you get the drill.

Random fun fact to end with: I grew my hair long so I could wear it in a bun and stick pencils in there while I draw. It's awesome.


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