Getting Hi-res Images Of Your Paintings


To produce amazing quality prints of your work we need amazing quality images of it, so a pic on your iPhone just won’t do it! 


The Easiest & Best Quality Option – this would be Your Art Butlers recommendation!

The easiest way to get the best results is to use a local fine art printer to produce a hi-res image of your work. Depending on the studio they will either scan your work, similar to using a photocopier. This is if your work is relatively flat and will fit on their size scanner. If your work is too big or unsuitable, they will photograph it.

It’s worth contacting a couple of companies as prices vary widely. Its cheapest if you can get your work scanned rather than photographed so ask about the size of their scanner. If they only have an A4 scanner and your work is A3 they will have to photograph it. Where it would be a lot cheaper to find a company with an A3 sized scanner.

Not only will they produce a great hi-res image they will normally also edit it to ensure the colour matches that of the original, any shadows are removed etc. This is definitely the way to get the best quality image of your work.


The Hardest Option - Photograph Your Art Yourself

Obviously, this takes a certain amount of skill and access to a high-quality camera and lighting. You can watch a video from Saatchi on how to photograph your art click here

If you aren’t sure if the quality of the camera is going to be good enough just email us a photo from the camera and we will let you know the largest size print we can offer, from an image taken on that camera. Just send it to us at

The best way we have found to do this, is to get a group of artistic friends together and all bring your artwork and get it photographed at the same time.

The hassle is in setting up the camera, tripod and getting the lighting right. Once that’s set up correctly, you can just as easily photograph one painting as a hundred.

You could either club together and hire a professional photographer or see if someone in your group knows someone who is into their photography. Depending on the quality of the photos you might still have to tweak them in photoshop to get the exact result you are after.

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