Our Story

Over the last twenty years having had my own successful art exhibitions, the idea of selling limited edition prints of my work had never really crossed my mind as it just seemed a lot of hassle… 

Two interesting points hit me after talking to other artists and photographers selling limited edition prints:

Firstly, they were all marketing their prints via social media and some even had their own websites. However, none of them offered the ability for me to be able to actually buy a print of theirs online. Not without having to contact them first and arrange payment.

Secondly, then they had to either pay for a print run of say fifty prints they didn’t know if they would sell, store them and then traipse to the post office every time they got an order.

Alternatively, they printed them one at a time when someone bought one, which meant they had to traipse to the printers to sign their print every time. Either way a lot of traipsing!

So, the idea of Your Art Butler was born. Offering artists and photographers an easy and cost-effective way of selling amazingly high-quality limited edition prints without all the hassle and traipsing about.

Understandably, most artists and photographers are more interested in creating amazing art than the hassle of selling prints! So, we bring art to collectors that simply wouldn’t be available otherwise.

We try to be as environmentally friendly as we can using ethical and socially responsible suppliers. Our printers are the only Fine Art & Photo printing service in the UK that is completely carbon neutral.

Profits from Your Art Butler help fund Arts For Life an incredible charity that works with young people with complex hidden needs, that push them to the margins of society.

The whole team at Your Art Butler have been personally involved with them on different projects for years and have seen and experienced first-hand the impact they have on people’s lives.

The young people Arts for Life work with, think and feel as though they are just having a fun art class. But, it's mixed with a clever sprinkling of psychology that has profound effects on their confidence and social skills. 

Your Art Butler is humbled to be able to both support them as well as our artists around the world by serving amazing quality art to collectors.

If you are an artist or photographer and want to find out more about working with Your Art Butler click here of if you want to see some of our artists work click here