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Description of Image

Please put some time into your description. It adds that extra dimension for buyers and really helps your work sell by bringing it to life, particularly as some people will be viewing it on a smart phone. Some of the things you might include are:

 What’s the image of?
What inspired you about it?
What do you love about it?
How did you feel at the time?


Upload Image

Normally we require digital files of greater than 300DPI. To see what DPI your images are on a Mac click here or on a PC click hereFor more details on the quality of image we need click here and for advice on how to get high quality images of your work click here

We automatically add a border to all prints so please upload your image without a border. Also make sure your image is properly cropped as we do not edit the image in any other way.

How many limited-edition prints would you like to be made available?

Only offering a limited number of prints, increases the value and collectability of the prints. The lower the number of prints in a run the higher the value. We would normally suggest a print run of 20 prints for each small, medium and large sizes giving 60 prints in total. 


Have you already sold any prints of this image before?

Each limited edition print run is specific to the physical size of the print.

So, if you sold prints of this image before we can only sell limited edition prints in a different size. When your image is uploaded to your online shop check that the sizes we suggest are different to the size of print you have already sold.


How much margin would you like to make on the sale of each print?

At Your Art Butler, we want you to feel in control. Therefore, you decide what price you want to sell your prints for. In our research the average online price for a high quality, limited edition prints of 50, starts at about £60.

The average cost price for a print is as follows.

 Small - £40

Medium - £50

Large - £60

This will vary slightly depending on the type of printing and paper you choose and the actual size of the prints. Small is around an A4 size of print, medium A3 and large A2. You can choose the exact sizes you want for your prints.

This includes all costs: credit card transaction fees, our admin costs as well as the printing and posting out of your print and the certificate of authentication. It also includes a small profit margin that helps support the amazing charity - Arts for Life


Print & Paper Type

You choose if you want a giclée or a C-type print. If you aren’t sure what to go for, normally photographers choose C-type prints and artists a giclée.

You can see more information on different paper types here. 

The most popular choice by artists is the Hahnemühle photo rag and for photographers the Matt option. 


What happens next?

After you have uploaded your art we will add it to your online shop which can take up to 48 hours. We will email you as soon as it’s ready so you can make sure you are happy with everything before we go live.



You Agree:

1.  That you own the copyright of the image.

2. By uploading this image, that Your Art Butler can produce a limited edition print run in accordance with this specification.

3. Not to produce or allow anyone else to produce any other prints of this image in the same specification.

4. That Your Art Butler may use a low-res digital version of this image in their marketing.


Your Art Butler Agrees:

A. Not to produce or allow anyone else to produce any other prints of this image in a different specification.

B. To transfer your margin in the specification to your PayPal account linked to the email address we hold for you within 7 days of a print being purchased.

C. To stop all use of the image and delete it from our files if you instruct us to by emailing us at hello@yourartbutler.com