Kafeneion in Chios 1991

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Artist - Ask     Category - Figurative
Printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag

I am always fascinated by Greek old men who while away their days sitting in the Kafeneion, a Greek coffee shop almost exclusively frequented by men, where they sit playing "tavli" (backgammon) or "skaki" (chess) or just having a good old natter. I attracted quite a crowd as this kafeneion was in the village square. 

It was painted while on a day trip out with my best friend of 40+ years who lives on the Greek island of Chios, but who I met when I lived in Thessaloniki. Its painted-on oil paper, as it’s not always possible to take canvases back home on the plane.  I had to finish it in a day too, as there would be no opportunity to return to the scene.


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